Your research and synthetic chemistry

Synthetic chemistry is a diverse science with applications in disciplines ranging from materials through to biology and medicine. OxSynC, based in the Department of Chemistry - University of Oxford, has been established as a new free resource that provides a single point of contact for researchers to facilitate such interactions within the University and beyond.

OxSynC is managed by a group of synthetic chemists who are specialists at assembling and characterising organic and inorganic molecules, tailored to order for many applications. At present, the group consists of 24 world-leading synthesis researchers whose combined knowledge covers the whole spectrum of synthetic chemistry.

Our Aims
  • Making chemistry accessible
  • Finding and building new fruitful connections
  • Strengthening interdisciplinarity within the University
  • Improving opportunities and chances of success for funding
  • Generating new IP: patents, license deals, spin-out companies

If you have a research problem that a synthetic chemist may be able to help you with, then please contact us.

Latest News

July 2014: Work by OxSynC collaborators Prof Mark Howarth and Prof Tim Donohoe has recently been published in Bioorganic and Medicinal ChemistryLove-Hate ligands for high resolution analysis of strain in ultra-stable protein/small molecule interactions.