OxSynC members between them have a wide range of expertise spread across the areas of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and chemical biology. The current OxSynC Network consists of 24 world-leading researchers and is growing all the time.

The OxSynC Network is managed by a team of five academics, who meet weekly in order to rapidly respond to any queries that come in as well as to track the progress of any connections that have already been established.


Management Team


Dr Simon Clarke

A specialist in the synthesis of new solid state compounds especially non-oxide or multi-anion compounds.

Key words: solid state chemistry, synthesis



Prof. Tim Donohoe

A specialist in the synthesis of complex molecular structures, especially those of natural origin and with potent biological activity, including anti-tumour activity.

Key words: Natural products, reduction & oxidation reactions



Prof. David Hodgson

A specialist in new organic synthetic methodology development, including asymmetric synthesis and the organic synthesis of complex molecules including alkaloids and bioactive sesquiterpenes.

Key words: natural products, new methods



Dr Jeremy Robertson

A specialist in the synthesis of organic molecules of natural origin that have established or potential pharmaceutical and nutraceutical relevance with a view to easing access to molecules with particular/desired biological functions.

Key words: natural products, new methods



Dr Angela Russell

A specialist in medicinal chemistry, and in the organic synthesis of small bioactive molecules including heterocycles, amino acid and aminosugar derivatives.

Key words: chemical libraries, cancer medicinal chemistry



Other Specialist Members

Prof. Simon Aldridge is a specialist in the organometallic synthesis of transition metal and main group systems. 

Key words: transition metals, main group chemistry

Dr Ed Anderson is a specialist in the synthesis of complex molecules including natural products and heterocycles, and organosilicon chemistry.

Key words: natural products, heterocycles, organosilicon

Prof. Harry Anderson is a specialist in the organic synthesis of dyes, molecular materials and polymers.

Key words: advanced molecular materials

Prof. Paul Beer is a specialist in the supramolecular chemistry synthesis of host molecules and assemblies for applications in recognition and sensing, including cyclic and interlocked molecular structures.

Key words: supramolecular synthesis, recognition & sensing

Dr Jonathan Burton is a specialist in the organic synthesis and structural assignment of complex molecules including natural and non-natural products.

Key words: natural products, new methods

Dr Stuart Conway is a specialist in the development of selective molecular probes for biological systems investigation through novel synthetic organic chemistry.

Key words: molecular probes, photochemical biology

Prof. Steve Davies is a specialist in novel asymmetric transformations, enantioselective recognition processes and the total synthesis of natural products of biological significance and medicinal chemistry.

Key words:  asymmetric transformations, natural products

Prof. Ben Davis is a specialist in the organic synthesis of complex biomolecules including proteins, peptides and carbohydrates as well as natural product modulators of biological processes and probes of biological function.

Key words: biomolecular synthesis & functionalisation

Dr Jason Davis has expertise in the design and engineering of nanoparticle contrast agents and delivery vehicles.

Key words: nanoparticle contrast agents

Prof. Darren Dixon is a specialist in the synthesis of complex naturally occurring biologically active molecules ranging from peptides to alkaloids. He is also an expert in the precise synthesis of small molecules with a well-defined 3-dimensional structure and in the design and application of new catalysts which give rise to unique reactivity and control in a wide range of synthetically relevant reactions.

Key words: natural products, organocatalysis

Prof. Stephen Faulkner is a specialist in the synthesis of d- and f- element complexes and bioconjugates for imaging applications and therapy.

Key words: d- and f- element complexes & bioconjugates

Dr Stephen Fletcher is a synthetic organic chemist with an interest in stereochemistry - particularly functional or dynamic stereochemistry that may be used in molecular devices or machines. He is also interested in self-assembly and self-sorting process that are relevant to prebiotic chemistry.

Key words: molecular devices, self-assembly, catalysis

Prof. Veronique Gouverneur is a specialist in fluorine chemistry inclusive of radiochemistry for the production of radiotracers.

Key words: fluorination, PET imaging agents

Dr. Michael Hayward is a specialist in the synthesis of complex solids with particular focus on transition metal oxides and oxyhalides.

Key words: complex solids, transition metal oxides

Prof. Mark Moloney is a specialist in the organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry of natural products and chemical libraries, especially in the context of antibacterial activity, as well as of modified materials, which permit the introduction of diverse properties, including chromophoric, metal-chelating, photochromic or cell adhesion properties onto their surface.

Key words: natural products, chemical libraries, surface modification

Prof. Philip Mountford is a specialist in the synthesis, structural elucidation, the study catalytic reactivity of organometallic compounds of the early transition and lanthanide metals, and the alkaline earth metals.

Key words: organometallic, catalysts, structural elucidation

Prof. Dermot O'Hare is a specialist in the synthesis of inorganic molecular complexes and solids. These include organometallic compounds, extended solids including porous materials and layered compounds.

Key words: molecular complexes & solids

Prof. Chris Schofield is a specialist in the synthesis of enzyme inhibitors and medicinal chemistry.

Key words: enzyme inhibitors & medicinal chemistry

Dr Michael Willis is a specialist in transition metal catalysis applied to organic synthesis, including the synthesis of heterocycles, the modification of complex molecules, C-H functionalization, and the use of sulfur dioxide in synthesis.

Key words: new methods, catalysis



The OxSynC Network and Wesbite are currently administered by Ben Pilgrim.